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June 7, 2018

A New Ethereal Website for Calme Boutique Hotel

Inspired by the ethereal scenery, the architectural uniqueness, the sense of freedom, privacy and unrivalled peacefulness of Calme Boutique Hotel, the hotel’s brand new website envisioned by Mozaik Hospitality reflects the “calme” distinct ambiance and way of living.

Proposing a stylish alternative in Paros hospitality, Calme Boutique Hotel is an architectural marvel evoking a sense of freedom in all spaces creating a lounge and inspiring atmosphere.

Mozaik Hospitality came up with a unique fresh website featuring a unique grid inspired by architectural design that follows the entire website mirroring the unique architectural character and flair of Calme Boutique Hotel.

calme boutique hotel paros

All images have been edited to emanate an ethereal sense and lifestyle and to create a 3D impression just like the soothing sense of the sea breeze. The entire website is based on a light blue color palette while the titles and taglines generate a color gradient imitating the colors of the sea during the different hours of the day. The subtle, discreet, almost poetic fonts as well as the handpicked playlist retaining the hotel’s melodic atmosphere exude a filling of bliss and euphoria reflecting the spirit of Calme Boutique Hotel.

The brand new website of Calme Boutique Hotel creates an instant impact right from the start, sparking the interest and curiosity of visitors to browse the rest of the website. The rich seo optimized content and optimal navigation experience aim to increase direct bookings and maximize revenue management while the integrated bookwize booking engine and fully responsive design make browsing and booking a fun and enjoyable experience.

Experience the “calme”:

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