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September 4, 2019

Daios Cove takes its Digital Presence to the Next Level

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas is a leading holiday retreat in a secluded cove in Vathi of Agios Nikolaos in Crete. A natural hub of beauty and serenity for travelers seeking for their own Eden on earth. The resort’s exclusive location along with the high-end facilities and services provided, the upscale dining choices and wide array of cultural events, entertainment, wellness and leisure options, make Daios Cove a stunning seaside holiday destination for discerning guests.

Continuing a very productive and deep-rooted collaboration with Mozaik, Daios Cove decides to elevate its digital presence. Mozaik undertakes the task of bringing out the advance upgrading of the brand by redefining the sites architecture and adding new captivating content including larger signature video and images as well as new sections that highlight the great array of artistic, cultural, wellness and culinary experiences that have been added to the resort.

This fully responsive website, in line with the brand’s character and guidelines as well as the relaxing summer vibe is based on storytelling, triggering clients’ emotions with the use of visual elements as well as strong taglines.

The clear design, the laid-back aesthetics, the website responsiveness and fast page loading allows visitors to explore the resort and get a feeling of the overall Daios Cove experience, easily uncover the wide range of accommodation options as well as the extensive list of events, wellness, cultural, leisure and culinary offerings that are highlighted throughout.

The new website also introduces travelers to the “Members Club”, the innovative loyalty program that rewards repeating clients with special benefits that can also be shared with family and friends, extra discounts, spa add-ons, room upgrades and further exclusive deals.

Available in 5 languages, the advance website is SEO optimized and GDPR compliant, responding to the challenges of the new digital era.

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