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May 8, 2018

Holidays to Greece begin Online

A recent study conducted by Euromonitor found that the number of foreign visitors to Greece reached 23.6 million in 2017. Compared to 5 years ago there has been an enormous increase of 65% that got tourism in Greece to the next level.

It’s undeniable that through all these years, Internet played a crucial role and revolutionized the way that leisure travelers buy travel services. Booking a holiday is considered to be the biggest purchase leisure travelers make online and the most time-consuming research conducted online in order to find the perfect fit.

Based on a study by Kantar TNS 95% of users that booked their holidays in Greece first researched online.

The importance of online research for offline purchases in the tourism sector




This increasing number of potential customers nowadays search more for package holidays, watch images and videos, read reviews, do price comparisons and then choose how to make their purchase. It came with no surprise, that one major finding of user research, was that more than half of all Internet users now book their holidays online!

62% of internet users book their holidays online after researching online. Whilst a 36% of purchases clearly started with an online holiday research that was concluded with an offline purchase. This proves that with the right marketing, Internet is the most important influencer for researching and buying holiday products.

By utilizing data, hoteliers have a real opportunity to deliver personalized and interactive ads that have a real impact. It is vital to have a deep understanding of the customers’ search behavior and plan the communication strategy that will make users book directly from the hotel website.

As a conclusion, what really matters is to understand how online research impacts the entire traveler journey. Strategic Digital marketing is currently the key for Hoteliers to shift their bookings from other channels to their own direct channel and grow their net revenue.

Read the whole article with more data here.


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