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October 12, 2017

Launching the Ultimate Destination: Cavo Tagoo

From a legendary hotel in Mykonos, Cavo Tagoo spread its wings of enchantment all the way to Santorini with the newly introduced CAVOTAGOO in Imerovigli transforming the brand into a bedazzling destination only meant for the eclectic few. As such, Mozaik Hospitality was given the privilege of creating a new destination portal for Cavo Tagoo that would work as a gate to Cavo Tagoo’s seductive world of luxury.

The new portal draws visitors under the spell of Cavo Tagoo right from the start with the intro video that slowly begins to unlock their senses, taking them on a journey through luxury, glamour and unrivalled privacy.



The pleasures of luxury begin to unravel one by one on a white and gold canvas with large imagery and inspiring taglines mirroring the excitement you get when entering Cavo Tagoo.

Every destination unfolds onto a photographic canvas with color images capturing the beauty of luxury at its finest and black and white photos adding a dramatic feel to the overall atmosphere.

The abstract, minimal and responsive clean cut design, inspired by the delicate lines of the Cycladic architecture reflects the simple pleasures in life that have been redefined as indulgences in Cavo Tagoo while giving users the opportunity to experience life like never before.

Experience life at Cavo Tagoo


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