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November 20, 2019

Mozaik Hospitality brings Epoque Collection into the Digital Era

Launched in Greece in early 2019, Epoque Collection is a high-end management company emerging as a respected leader in the industry. The company’s primary mission is to help hoteliers of all kinds and yacht owners increase their overall financial performance and outperform their competitors by providing them with a wide range of pre-opening, 360 operational management and post-opening services that will add value to their business including sales and marketing services, revenue management and yield strategies, asset & advisory management as well as food and beverage services.

To communicate its vision to the world, Epoque Collection needed a clear, professional B2B website of high aesthetics that would reflect its high-quality services, present its clients in a proficient way and differentiate its scope of business from its competitors.

After studying closely Epoque’s branding, future goals and vision of its online presence, Mozaik developed a tailor-made B2B website presenting the company in the most comprehensive way possible, its clients and services as well as CSR policies.

UX Friendly, with captivating content and photos, the brand-new website of Epoque Collection highlights the company’s 4 P’s tailor-made approach, its focus on White Label management, F&B expertise and ability to make use of add-on services according to the needs and requests of clients.

The bold typography, inspired by the company’s logo, white background and gold touches convey the company’s upscale character, exclusive services and professionalism in a clear and consistent way.

Epoque Collection lands in the digital epoch with a modern, up to date and user-friendly website.


Check out its new enticing online presence

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