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June 13, 2019

Mozaik Hospitality Presents “The Destination of All Senses” in Paphos

Nuzzled in the heart of nature amidst the olive trees and Cypriot native plants, right on the hillside overlooking the glistening Mediterranean and birthplace of Aphrodite, lies Aphrodite Hills. A remarkable and expansive resort ideal for holiday makers and landowners wishing to rent or own a property, a home away from home destined to mesmerize with its luxurious offerings, upscale facilities and services.

The Aphrodite Hills Resort features a 5-star hotel, an extensive range of holiday residences, 20 bars and restaurants, a spa retreat, a shopping center, meeting and wedding venues, an 18-hole championship golf course and a tennis academy. It also functions as a Real Estate Developer selling properties and providing exceptional property management services for owners.

Offering the best experiences in all of Europe, the Aphrodite Hills Resort promotes a lifestyle that combines leisure, pleasure, business, wellness, excitement and security. Triggering all senses at once with countless stimulating activities, gastronomic sensory pleasures and awakening wellness treatments, the Aphrodite Hills Resort has become a favorable destination for all.

Aphrodite Hills

Building on that idea, Mozaik Hospitality undertook the task of repositioning the brand while creating a new website that would present all resort assets and business units just as the client had requested. The idea inspired the slogan “The Destination of All Senses” as the resort offers a multi-sensory palette of experiences, designed to trigger more than one sense at a time: the more the senses are triggered, the more memorable they’ll be.

Mozaik Hospitality was also in charge of the photo shooting production and direction so as to capture the true beauty of an experience while living it on the resort, being spontaneous, impulsive and not stylized.

Aphrodite Hills

The close ups of nature, of facial expressions, of natural posture give away the feeling and actual setting of a single moment as it happens. The signature images chosen for the hero sliders of pages showcase that exact idea. Of capturing that one moment when senses collide that makes all the difference.

Aphrodite Hills

To further enhance the browsing experience for its beloved guests and further please their senses, the Aphrodite Hills also offers spa treatment reservations online as well as a thorough presentation of the real estate assets for investing in Cyprus.

Ready to rouse your senses?


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