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October 10, 2019

OMMA’s New Heightened Digital Presence

Magically perched on the iconic Caldera, OMMA boutique hotel reinstates the notion of exclusivity and refinement in a haven of abundance in Imerovigli, Santorini. Carrying the charm and prestige of a 5-star Santorini hotel, OMMA dazzles the senses with its marvelous architecture, pacifying atmosphere and miraculous views to the sea and sunset.

Evoking a bohemian and island chic vibe, OMMA encapsulates the spirit of island luxury luring its guests into a waking vision of indulgence. From fine dining proposals, wellness and spa treatments, personalized experiences, exclusive events and celebrations OMMA is truly an experience in itself.

OMMA assigned Mozaik Hospitality to capture its unique existence and atmosphere in the hotel’s new website and reveal its very true essence to the world.

Dreamy, captivating, authentically exclusive and SEO friendly, the new website brings the vision to life, taking the viewer on a journey of the senses right from the start through mesmerizing images that trigger emotions. Minimal with black and natural tones as well as bold letters that help grab the user’s attention, the new website of OMMA is clean, professional and easy to navigate.


Live the OMMA experience here:

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