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September 21, 2020

The Emergence of Pilot Amphora Hotel Brand & Website

In 2018, the Papadakis family began the construction of a new hospitality unit in Georgioupolis, Crete. Numerous types of pots, beehive ceramic containers, pipes and construction artefacts were discovered during the excavations, showing that an ancient ceramic workshop used to stand on these grounds around the 2nd Century according to the archeologists.

The owners decided to preserve these historical grounds and transform the construction into a boutique hotel that was completed in early 2020 incorporating an exhibition area within the property, that will display original copies of the findings so as to honor its grounds and heritage. With historical references, the new modern boutique hotel was designed with earthy colors and several indications to its ceramic history.

Due to its unique background, Mozaik Hospitality was happy to undertake the property’s branding, including the naming, slogan, logo design and corporate ID as well as the design and development of the hotel’s website, all inspired by the property’s rich history and heritage.

The name and logo were inspired from the Greek “amphoreus”, an ancient Greek food and liquid container. The color depicts the ceramic heritage while the fonts highlight its ancient roots.

The ceramic color is also used throughout the website as well as the titles in each section to underline the hotel’s origins. The images have been carefully chosen to showcase the property’s unique design details again inspired by the findings as well as its enchanting location. Easy to navigate and user friendly the website also incorporates “Liquid by Bookwize” offering guests an incomparable booking experience leading to increased conversions and direct bookings.

Pilot Amphora is a unique hospitality project of the Pilot Hotel Group, ideal for couples and solo travelers wishing to enjoy an unsurpassed holiday experience in the beautiful region of Georgioupolis in Crete. For visitors eager to experience the true notion of the authentic Cretan Philoxenia in refined surroundings and embrace modern luxury at its finest form with high quality services and amazing accommodation options.

Welcome to Pilot Amphora where a new hospitality experience unfolds!

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