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July 10, 2019

Uncharted Escapes Rises from Safari Adventures

Bringing the whole safari idea in Greece in 2014, in the sense of exploring the unknown, Safari Adventures began its journey in Crete with unique all-year round jeep safari adventures and speed boating tours beyond comparison.

Every tour became a premium experience, a discovery of the unseen and the unknown, an exploration of local cultures and uncharted lands led by professional local guide-drivers offering local insights and premium services. The tours were expanded to different locations all over Greece and so did the jeep and boat fleet. To highlight the company’s expansion, premium character and variety of unique experiences, Safari adventures needed a shift of identity, a new persona showcasing its true sleek self.

As such, Mozaik Hospitality proposed a total rebranding, a change of name, logo, company identity and website redesign. The new name was inspired after the true meaning of an escape, breaking free from reality or routine far away from the ordinary, far away from the mass. From the pure untouched areas visited along the way, or else areas that still remain unknown or uncharted. The new name selected for the brand “Uncharted Escapes” fully reflects both the exclusivity of each experience as well as professionalism, expertise and high quality of service provided.

Following the name, the logo redesign mostly focused on the two type of services offered, the jeep and speed boat tours, masterfully blending together the land and the sea, the sun and the compass with an elegant and linear design in maroon and dark blue colours communicating the dynamic, authentic and luxurious character of the brand while creating a direct impact right from the start. The brand tools followed the same art direction with an extra abstract map for the letterhead following the adventure logic. Geometric shapes and pins where used as codes on the map to indicate specific areas, routes and destinations.

Last but not least, the entire website has been updated to promote the boutique and luxurious feel of the brand and function as an easy to use e-commerce website simplifying the browsing experience across all services provided.

Moving from the sense of adventure to the sense of a holistic experience and from the intense safari idea to the idea of life explorations, Uncharted Escapes have been transformed to elevate every stage of their journeys of discovery in Greece.

Explore the unexplored with Uncharted Escapes

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