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June 26, 2019

A Truly Inspiring Web Presence for Summer Senses

Being one of the latest additions in the hospitality scene of Paros, Summer Senses also makes its way into the digital world with a truly inspiring website envisioned, designed and developed by Mozaik Hospitality.

Summer Senses is the largest and most luxurious hotel in Paros, built and owned by Energiakos Komvos S.A. and managed by Hip Hospitality. A true hotel marvel offering an eclectic array of 5-star facilities and services, charming accommodation options, wellness and spa experiences as well as exciting culinary adventures.

Featuring 100 deluxe rooms and luxurious suites, three swimming pools, an atmospheric spa center, a gym, two restaurants and two bars, Summer Senses hotel will sure awaken all senses! Situated only a two-minute walk from the famous beach of Punda, Summer Senses is the ultimate choice for a relaxing island getaway.

Aiming to convey the holistic experience of the senses through its website, Summer Senses assigned Mozaik Hospitality to design and develop a bespoke website inspired by the 5 senses.

After studying the hotel’s branding, Mozaik Hospitality captured the essence and spirit of the brand into a truly inspiring website with a personalized touch and a relaxing character.

The great aesthetics, the clear and playful design along with the dynamic taglines trigger emotions while allowing visitors to easily browse through pages and uncover information about the hotel and location in the fastest way possible. The entire website has been designed to reflect the look, feel, smell, sound and taste of a dream summer holiday.

Fully responsive and SEO optimized, the Summer Senses website brings summer holidays at your fingertips.

Awaken your Senses here:

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