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June 21, 2018

An Urban Chic Website for Estia Boutique Apartments

Inspired by the overall essence and aesthetics of Estia Boutique Apartments the brand new website envisioned by Mozaik hospitality allows guests to experience right from the start the urban environment and homely feel of every room and every area of Estia as well as its lively surroundings in the city center of Athens.

Estia Boutique Apartments propose a new concept of a city hotel, inspired by the regions of Greece, Crete, the Cyclades, the Peloponnese and the Ionian islands as seen in the intricate design and architectural splendor of each room, the stones and marbles, the brick walls, the windmills and the colors emanating the bliss of the Greek land. A hospitable environment right in the center of Athens offering high quality services and unparalleled authentic Greek hospitality.

Estia Apartments

Focusing on the hotel’s urban character, the new website of Estia Boutique Apartments features earthly colors and simple lines in full compliance with the buzzing metropolis. The unique typography emphasizes the hotel’s intimate sense while the large imagery allows guests to feel the energy of each room and each region accordingly.

The entire website features a clear, structured design allowing easy navigation from page to page making it easy for guests to browse anything they desire with the click of a button.

Are you ready to experience a pure sense of Greece in Athens?

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