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September 1, 2017

A Charming New Look for the Orloff Boutique Hotel Website

Renewing its fruitful corporation with Mozaik Hospitality, the Orloff Boutique Hotel in Hydra assigned Mozaik Hospitality once again to fully redesign the Orloff Boutique Hotel website so as to bring it up to date and unveil its sense of heritage and heartfelt warmth.

The new website has been designed on a basis of visual storytelling, incorporating black and white photography to convey the hotel’s atmosphere of timeless grace. The touch of blue hints the blue of the sea and sky, the eternal blue of the island of Hydra. The story unravels through local sceneries, everyday images and hotel interiors introducing guests to a home away from home emerging from its legacy.


The tone of voice and engaging taglines have been carefully chosen so as to properly express the upscale lifestyle of a bygone era one can experience at this heritage boutique hotel as well as the high-end client service and great sense of privacy and attentiveness provided.

Overall the new fully responsive website gives a sense of uniqueness and aristocratic appeal perfectly characterizing this elegant “house” hotel in the boho-artsy island of Hydra.

Experience the uncompromising charm of heritage at:


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