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May 30, 2018

A Chic New Look for Bright Blue Villas

Featuring a curated private collection of carefully selected villas to rent in Greece, Bright Blue Villas needed a brand new website that would communicate their unique upscale character and extensive range of bespoke services as well as the exclusive lifestyle experience guests can enjoy in any of the villas.

Mozaik Hospitality created a brand new website reflecting the chic and luxurious feel of the villas. Simple, seo optimized and easy to navigate with big photos and a clean cut structure, the new website welcomes guests right from the start in a world of refined luxury, a bespoke holiday experience to treasure for life.

The search tab allows visitors to search for the villa of their preference, learn all there is to know about the villa and make your contact with a click of a button.

The blue and white colors of the website, reflect the spirit of the Greek islands while the large vivid images take you on a visual journey to the remarkable destinations and once-in-a-lifetime moments guests may experience during their villa holidays.




The favorites feature and wish list on the other hand allow you to safe keep your favorite destinations and villas in one place, revisit whenever you please and share with your loved ones.

The new website, chic, luxurious, bright just like the name of the villas suggests, welcomes you on a journey of refined luxury to some of the most spectacular villas to rent in Greece.

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