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July 5, 2018

Elivi’s new Website Reflecting its Natural Surroundings

Inspired by the natural landscape and biotope encircling the Elivi resort, Mozaik hospitality designed and developed a new website that will offer visitors that unique sense one can get when visiting the resort.

The Elivi resort in Skiathos is a tranquil hideaway set in an enviable location that bypasses hospitality standards with personal attention, authentic experiences, a sense of community and a great array of high quality services.

Eye-catching and engaging, the new website follows a very special flow inspired by the brand and the nearby biotope with the black gooses and feathers playing a leading role throughout the website.

Stepping outside the ordinary the hero image is not a simple image taken from the hotel or even its unique location but a special visual with illustrations that give the sense of living in this particular resort along with the 360 view that the resort possesses and the movement of the sea breeze that caresses your face anywhere you stand in the property.

The graphic elements are present throughout the entire website and move with parallax effects to create that sense of movement of the air and the sea.

Elivi Hotel Skiathos

The entire website has been based on simple yet ethereal lines with bold typography and large images that have been treated to offer an ethereal feel and placed one within the other to give guests a sense of the many things one can experience at the resort.

The clock element, takes guests on a journey throughout the day, showing them the different things they can enjoy at the resort at different times.

Simple, inspiring and easy to navigate, the new website of Elivi resort features a number of unique elements that give visitors the feeling that they are about to experience exceptional life moments that they haven’t experienced before.

Discover the new website here>

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