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February 26, 2016

La Maltese steps up to the New Digital Era

Synonymous with premium luxury of the 19th century La Maltese inaugurates a new era in the digital world with its new elegant website, designed and developed by Mozaik. Following the development, of the two new properties in one of the world’s most idyllic locations, the island of Santorini, all La Maltese properties in Imerovigli and Oiainvite guests to live a five-star experience in exclusive and privileged luxury accommodations overlooking the awe- inspiring caldera.

Through the signature experiential elements and amenities of each property, visitors are given the opportunity to select the destination that most triggers their desire and easily arrange their stay through the booking engine framing the new website. La Maltese new website is fully responsive, seamlessly scaling to browsers from desktop displays to tablet and mobile phone screens, delivering the same content across all views. Guests are given the opportunity to navigate across all website sections and book a villa or one of the neo-classical and meticulously renovated Suites, ensuring the optimum user experience at all times.

Through the website’s look and feel, rich imagery, smooth animations and sophisticated typography, Mozaik composes a magnificent canvas that lures visitors to a unique holiday or honeymoon experience against the backdrop of the world’s most renowned sunset.


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