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July 17, 2018

Milos Cove Inception Resort Introduces a Realm of New Experiences

Milos Cove is a 5-star luxury resort in Milos floating in layers as an extension of the natural environment. An inception resort that has been designed for a single purpose, to lift senses to the highest grounds and offer an extensive collection of new experiences.

An idea that Mozaik hospitality also had to depict on the hotel’s website by developing a concept bridging the layers of the hotel with the layers of the soul, bringing shadows into light and dreams into life.

A new concept website that would showcase the hotel’s sense of connection to the natural surroundings, to the intriguing textures of Milos island, to the soul and its multilayered nature.

milos cove

Mozaik hospitality designed and developed a fresh and clean hotel website, blog and logo, inspired by the obsidian rock found in a nearby mine as well as the island’s unique rocks and rocky formations as seen in the rocky textures, the large images and bronze colors used throughout the website.

The hotel’s minimal architecture design as a natural continuation of the environment is also reflected on the website through the soothing animations, the rocky textured backgrounds, the bold yet modest typography and the natural color palette.

 Luxury Resort Milos

Playing with the light and the shadows just like the hotel itself, the website features a mouse pointer that when pointing at the burger menu functions as a tiny flashlight moving from the shadows into the light just like the human soul. Are you ready to seek your inner self while connecting with nature?

Get ready to step into the realm of Milos Cove at:

Milos cove




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