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September 6, 2018

Mozaik Hospitality Reintroduces
H Hotels

Aiming to communicate the new and refreshed image of H Hotels, Mozaik Hospitality undertook the design and development of all 6 hotel websites and group website with each website showcasing its own distinctive character as well as the unique experience one can acquire while staying in any of the H hotels in Rhodes.

h hotels

The family owned H Hotels Group features 2 resorts, the Mayia Exclusive resort and Princess Andriana resort, an adult only 5-star boutique hotel, Boutique 5 and three 4 star hotels, Rodos Princess, Lindos Princess and Princess Sun, all set in privileged locations in Rhodes island, offering esteemed guests a great range of high quality services and activities according to their preference.

rodos princess

lindos princess

The new websites of Mayia Exclusive Resort exclusive resort and Princess Adriana portray the elegant lifestyle of a 5-star resort, the brand new website of Boutique 5 takes you on a journey of the 5 senses while the group’s three 4 star hotels reflect the laid back way of living in each of the properties.

mayia resort

User friendly and fully responsive all websites convey the fresh aesthetics and renewed online presence of H Hotels announcing a new era in hospitality while providing guests with a premium navigation experience and a virtual journey to all H Hotel properties in Rhodes.

princess andrianna

The fully organized menu, comprehensive content and large images offer a complete presentation of each hotel while the altered colors reflect the distinctive persona, unique facilities and services of each property.

boutique 5

With the professional guidance of Mozaik Hospitality, the H Hotels group re-introduces itself to the world of hospitality with a set of new, minimal, fresh and fully responsive websites, showing its refurbished character through the notions of simplicity, elegance and exceptional style.

princess sun

Discover the new era in hospitality in Rhodes:


Mayia Exclusive Resort

Princess Andriana

Boutique 5

Lindos Princess

Rodos Princess

Princess Sun

H Hotels Group




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