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July 30, 2018

Mozaik Hospitality Unveils a New Digital Presence for Emelisse Nature Resort

Aiming to create a new name, logo and website that better communicate the hotel’s distinctive character, location, array of activities and bespoke service, Emelisse Resort in Kefalonia entrusted Mozaik Hospitality to realize its vision.

The rebranding began with a thorough study of the real character of the brand and the goals that we had set to follow in order to enhance its digital fingerprint. The name Emelisse was transformed to Emelisse Nature Resort, reflecting the hotel’s unique connection with nature and the importance of its natural surroundings to the wellbeing of its guests.

The creation of the new logo also reflects the hotel’s connection with nature as well as the hotel’s special sense of elegance and premium quality. The symbol of the olive tree denotes a symbol of life, peace and rejuvenation while the selection of the black and gold colors reflect the luxury, wealth, elegance, well-being and abundance, all associated with the Emelisse Nature Resort in Kefalonia.

The design of the logo was inspired by the triptych elegance-sophistication-nature. It is presented in a hand-crafted manner to illustrate the airy natural feel that characterizes the Emelisse Nature Resort while the humanistic sans-serif font adds a stylish sophisticated look & feel perfectly portraying Emelisse’s refined character.

emelisse narture resort

A unique concept following the logo was applied to the design of the website and embellished by a set of photos that were styled and shot by Mozaik Hospitality. A new set of photos was produced that would greatly reflect the hotel’s distinctive character and appeal, focus on its bedazzling natural surroundings, its world-class services and unique bond with nature and wellness promoting the hotel as a haven of wellness and rejuvenation by the sea.


A natural color palette was used for the website layout that was greatly based on the two main colors of the logo, black and gold as well as a set of natural backgrounds of stone, wood and earthly textures conveying the unique surfaces and multiple layers found in the hotel itself.

A set of animations follows you throughout the website with soothing movements like the loop of the sea found in the homepage making you feel as if floating on water, as if wandering through nature amidst the sea and the sky.

emelisse narture resort

Following the website, we have also undertaken all the digital performance marketing of Emelisse Nature Resort to increase direct sales as well as the resort’s digital performance with tailor-made digital campaigns and actions.

Uncover the new Digital Presence of Emelisse Nature Resort here:




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