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May 4, 2017

The New Upgraded Website of Daios Cove

Already being a very efficient and effective website, the website of Daios Cove needed a slight uplift to correspond to the latest technological and design trends. An uplift that was naturally assigned to Mozaik due to their excellent levels of cooperation during the years.

The website’s layout was restructured to fit the up to date aesthetics in a very discreet and subtle way while at the same time enhancing functionality. Emphasis was given to new shot hotel images genuinely conveying the hotel’s upscale level of service and sumptuous facilities to fully promote the superior Daios Cove experience.

Further promoting the high level of service, the new website clearly showcases the hotel’s USPs and allows users to easily browse through pages.

Both the music playlist and video content were enriched with new add-ins elevating the browsing experience to a different level.

The hotel industry is entering a new era of indulgence and so is the browsing experience for prominent guests.

Check out the new, advanced online presence of Daios Cove:


daios cove crete


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