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September 24, 2015

The official Syros 4 seasons travel guide is launched!

A brand new era is leveraged within the hospitality sector, an era generated by the Municipality of Syros-Ermoupolis and the valuable support of Mozaik Hospitality with the launch of the Official Travel Guide of this unique destination.

After an in depth destination marketing analysis that was conducted, Mozaik Hospitality established a customized and totally innovative proposal under the strategic proposition that Syros constitutes a destination with unique beauties and activities throughout the year. The strategic claim SYROS 4 SEASONS is reflected into the video, the portal user interface and the content.

The main objective of this distinctive Travel Guide is to reintroduce Syros island as a 4 season destination to travelers on a global level, an increase the number of visitors throughout the year.  Our approach focuses on converting user needs to experiences through inspired ideas that combine ergonomics, flexibility and creativity that stand out and allow users to organize and “live” their journey to Syros Island, Greece every step of the way.

Following the aforementioned approach, Mozaik Hospitality’s team established an easy to use, responsive to mobile portal focused on 7 thematic sections (Discover, Culture, Stay, Experiences, Entertainment, Gastronomy and Transport) that constitute the key points of differentiation of this Aegean island and a customized DMS (Destination Management System) that allows users to save their favorite locations at MY SYROS page and recall them later during their stay on the island by using their customized guide as an actual hard copy travel guide.

Furthermore, influenced by the social media trends, the portal hosts live feed of users’ posts in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the #Syros4seasons. The proposal is aesthetically inspired by nature and the architectural style of Syros. The use of illustrations on the main menu in combination with the color pallet, adds prestigeturning the portal to a distinguishable online hub.


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