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December 2, 2016

Villa Bordeaux Launches New Website

A new entry in the high-end luxury scene of Santorini, Villa Bordeaux has entrusted the branding as well as the conception and development of its online presence to the expert hands of Mozaik.

The new corporate ID and logo of villa Bordeaux capture the lines of the landmark building housing the villa, as well as the splendid Cycladic architecture and crimson hues of Santorini’s legendary sunset while evoking luxury, culture and contemporary refinement. The color palette was inspired by the villa’s name and color, Bordeaux and the deep blue of the Aegean Sea.

The stylish clean-cut website features a burger menu, letting the full screen image breathe so as to mentally and emotionally transport visitors to the actual setting. This continues with the unique slider animation effect bringing forward the signature lily pattern of the villa and the screen by screen navigation creating familiarity and strong association with the brand. The large imagery reflects the magnitude of space and the wide array of luxury services provided.

The menu is divided into two different sections so as to highlight the exceptional dining experience one can enjoy at the villa’s gourmet restaurant La Colline as he embarks on a culinary journey of the senses and traces the heritage of the restaurant and its awarded chef.

Modern, elegant and fully responsive, the new website of Villa Bordeaux is now live!

villa bordeaux

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